Thursday, February 25, 2010

Same here, my friend

Daily Bell: Can you provide us with a brief history of how you became interested in free markets and decided to make them your life's work? Rockwell: As with most people, it began with the observation that something was profoundly wrong with the conventional wisdom, which even from grade school seemed to presume that wise masters at the top knew more than anyone else and so should be in charge of everyone and everything. That supposition seemed to lack empirical evidence, so far as I could tell. I discovered the literature of freedom hiding in the library and realized that truth was something I would forever have to dig for. It wouldn't be given to me by network news anchors, politicians, nor the leading lights in establishment academia. When I discovered what was true, I could not resist acting on it and telling others. It really isn't any more complicated than that. (


Anonymous said...

Apesar da tática inglesa nojenta de colocar pedras guarda o tempo todo, a Suécia conseguiu vencer o jogo só no take out. Curling é o que há!

sol-moras-segabinaze said...

Curling é o que eu sei.